More than 4.000 people attended last year’s “Celtic” in Dudelange. A great one night stand it always is, and also the biggest festival of Celtic music in Luxembourg and the border regions since 1998. The program of 2003 offers again a continuous series of highlights, dominated by the three great headliners “Moya Brennan, the voice of Clannad”, “Carlos Nunez” and the “Oysterband”.

Moya Brennan, la voix de Clannad – the voice

Moya Brennan, formerly known as “Maire”, is the leader and singer of CLANNAD, the famous celtic ambient group which has gained worldwide celebrity over the last twenty years. Moya’s angelic voice, as ethereal and powerful than her sister (!) ENYA’s, arouses passion wherever she goes. While remaining the pounding heart of CLANNAD ( Grammy Award in 1999 ), Moya pursues a distinguished solo career with her Celtic traditional band. Soulful and dynamic, the music of Moya Brennan & Band touches the hearts.
The rare solo appearance of Moya Brennan, one of the greatest Irish artists of today, makes her presence at “Celtic Celebration” in Dudelange an exceptional event.

Carlos Nuñez – the pipes

Carlos Nunez is the king of traditional music of Galicia, the Celtic region of Spain, and one of the few folk musicians on his way to becoming a social phenomenon. Always in famous company, from Sinnead O’Connor and the Chieftains up to Dan Ar Braz, he is surely the most popular bag pipe player in the world. Carlos came again into focus recently when he was appointed European Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment by the European Commission, and organized a remarkable charity concert for the people afflicted by the oil slick devastating the Galician coast. In 2002 he enchanted 80.000 listeners at the “Nuit Celtique” in the Stade de France in Paris.

Oysterband – the rocks

Alongside Fairport Convention and The Levellers, the Oysterband has been one of the finest English folk rock bands for more than twenty years. Some of their songs, beautiful yet engaged, are apt to make this world a better place, for they are a band with an unmistakable social and political conscience. Their Celtic folk is often happy, sometimes angry, always vibrant, with catchy themes, cracking rock rhythms, a stream of traditionals, and a very great lead voice. The live concerts of the Oysterband musicians are high-voltage, a mix of skill, sweat and brains. Their tour is based on their magnificent new album “Rise Above” for which they received the most lavish reviews of their career.

Sualtam – the speedies

Sualtam is composed of five professional Breton musicians who, after gathering experience in the company of the greatest Celtic musicians, play only Irish music, with a mighty touch of Breton soul however and in a peculiar way. Extremely fast rhythms, dazzling flute, pipes, percussion, bass and guitar solos, these are the main ingredients of their sweaty performances.

More Maids – the fairies

Amazing harmony singing, rich and sophisticated instrumentals, a unique mixture of charm and dry humour have helped the More Maids gather a strong following in a short time. They embody the very best of folk music: handmade, sensitive and extremely potent.Gudrun, Barbara and Marion emerge as a choice European neo-Celtic outfit.

Le Bagad Naoned de Nantes – the blowers

The big blowing and rattling comes from the Bagad Naoned de Nantes which among the many traditional popular orchestras in Brittany occupies the more distinguished ranks. While respecting ancient ways, the Naoneds use a lot of contemporary electrifying sounds.

Cyberpiper – the catcher

The Cyperpiper is the first Celtic Cybernetic Luxembourg artist, a skilled and stunning one man orchestra. With a strange outfit, but with much good humour he is bound to welcome the audience, to catch their attention and introduce them to the event.